Honey Creme
Honey Creme

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Soft serve ice-cream

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“Honey Creme” joint ventures branding between South Korea and Taiwan, with soft serve ice-cream specialty boutiques selling imported South Korea famous “Comb Honey Soft serve ice-cream.” Honey Creme Taiwan officially launched the first boutique on 21st March 2014, at Taipei City well known “Ice Cream War Zone”; Taipei Zhongxiao East Road.

Honey Creme uses South Korea top organic milk ice-cream recipes, integrating with fresh milk and cream; a new formulated soft serve ice-cream with deep and savory milk flavor base and various toppings. The premium ingredients are in conjunction with healthy organic food, which intertwined with agriculture products!

Honey Creme’s signature “Comb Honey Soft Serve Ice Cream” is garnish with an entire comb honey, assuring that you enjoy the natural sweetness of the ice cream, omitting the artificial sugar sweetness. Honey Creme top choice topping ingredient “comb honey”, is conscientiously selected from prestige bee farms globally. When South Korea most innovative and trendy flavor, collate with most authentic flavors, it induces an allurement of taste for soft serve ice-cream.

Honey Creme values finest ingredients, with premier selection of comb honey, fresh milk, cream and organic mixed grains powder etc… Complementing to this premier soft serve ice-cream, is the exclusive cones that are produced to accord a piquant glance and delightful palate.

Abolishing the traditional ice cream taste and visual presentation, Honey Creme also launched unique and innovative topping flavors such as popcorn and affogato. Another exclusive delicacy on the ice cream menu is the spiral bread, which will replace the cone. Topping ingredients consists of stracciatella coating, organic cotton candy etc…. awarding all ice cream fanatics a de novo experience of savoring soft serve ice-cream.

When the comb honey, bread, cotton candy are adjoined with the soft serve ice-cream, it is extremely irresistible and addictive! Korea eminent band group f(x) Victoria Song highly recommended this trendsetter soft serve ice-cream in the Korea food variety program. The publicity compels a swift trend of soft serve ice-cream. This charm is embellished by the rapid spread of many bloggers’ recommendations, even Super Junior’s Heechul Kim and Girls’ Generation Jessica Jeong could not help refraining from it. They enjoy a comb honey soft serve ice cream together and did a selfie where they uploaded it to their social networking websites.

Since May 2013 till to date, a total of 5 million soft serve ice-cream had been sold! If you are an avid ice-cream lover, you cannot miss the endeavors for Honey Creme! Upon entering Honey Creme, you will experience a laid-back ambience and be greeted by our sweet smiling Honey Creme Resident Ministers, Envoys and Ambassadors. Not forgetting the display of colorful cones and comb honey stands; arraying the natural comb honey not just for pure appreciation, but Honey Creme preeminent top ingredient!

This contemporary style of gourmandizing soft serve ice-cream, stimulates both your visual and taste that you never experience before. This blissful gusto entice not only you, even the bees will waggle dance for it.